Picking your outfit - Lisa Bee Photography

Scroll down to see photo samples!!

Consider earthy colors like beige, brown, or tan and medium shades of colors like greens, purples and blues.

The images on the left show how Bev's family coordinated their clothes. 

Samantha's session lasted for one hour. She brought different outfits. 

Notice the Texture, Patterns and Colors. Look at Samantha's sweaters and denim jacket.

Figure out what colors accent your eyes and hair so that the photos really POP!!

Don't forget your shoes. Some of the best shots are full body shots. If you can't chose one pair, bring 2 ! Samantha brought Hunter Boots and Tom's shoes. Bare feet are fun too, make sure your toenails look nice.

Accessorize! Notice how Samantha's scarf added color and texture. Her earrings are fun and noticeable.

Don't forget about your finger nails! Remember to remove or repaint your nails before the photo shoot.

Bev's Family Photo Shoot

Samantha - High School Senior - Elizabeth Park

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